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Let's start with a few questions:
     Ever wanted the perfect gift but could not find it anywhere?
     Specific colors in mind to mix & match but no store has them together?
     Specific material or design but don't know how to describe it?
     Don't want to pay an outrageous price?
     Want something to pass down through generations?
If any question was answered "yes", then this is the right site! Please continue reading to learn a little about me and why I love to make crafts!....

Making crafts is something that my Grandmother Willodean passed on to me. I have been crocheting since I was around 10 years old. I have made blankets for people in my immediate family and some extended family. Someone once said to me, "you should make these and sell them." I gave it some thought, and here I am! I have gotten a lot of joy out of making crafts for family. Seeing the end result gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride when I see the joy on their faces as what I made specifically for them!


At the 2015 local "Veterans Creative Arts Festival" here in Battle Creek, MI, I was fortunate enough to receive three 1st Place Ribbons (a crocheted blanket, a quilted blanket, and a painting), one 2nd Place Ribbon (quilted blanket), and an Honorable Mention Ribbon (painting). I was encouraged to enter by friends and family and was surprised that I won any ribbons. I was very humbled and very proud of myself!


My promise to anyone who decides to take the next step in placing an order:

      -  "to make the best product I can"

      -  everything will be made by me and only me

     -  I know how to read written patterns

     -  I guarantee my work for quality

     -  If something is wrong with the quality of my work:

         -  I will give a refund within 30 days with the return of the item if it is not fixable

         -  I will make necessary repairs without cost within the first 30 days

     -  I also offer multi-item discounts and referral discounts (please ask when submitting your order)

Please take a moment to visit my "crocheted items" and "sewn items" pages. If you do not see the item you have in mind, please use the "send a message" (below) and I will respond within 24-48 hours. 

Thank you for visiting

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